Salesforce File Share and Security

File Share and Security

  • File Sharing Visibilities
PrivateFile is not shared with anyone.
Like private report folder, file in private library can only be accessed by file owner.
A file can specifically set "Make Private" to be private for all.
Privately SharedFile has been shared with specific people, groups, or via link, can find and view this file.
File is privately shared when people other than you but not all can find and view this file.
Your CompanyAll users can find and view this file.
File is shared to Chatter feed, user profile, object record, public group and etc.
  • File Permissions
Attach a File to Post
Upload New Version
Edit Details
Change Permission
Make File Private
Restrict Access
  • File Uploads
    • Upload files to library in Files home
      • files can be uploaded to a particular library
      • the uploaded files inherit the sharing settings of the library
      • you can add Users or Public Groups with access of ViewerAuthor or Library Administrator

      • you can also manually add access permission (Viewer only) directly on the file in the library


      • NOTE: if the file is added in the library, public link cannot be created (might be a bug though, upload via Upload Files button can have public link but not adding in library)

      • NOTE: also, the access permission is Viewer only, Collaborator is not displayed
    • Upload files in Files home
      • files can be shared with Users or Public Groups with access of Viewer or Collaborator


    • Upload files in Chatter Feeds
      • files can be shared by attaching it to a Chatter post or comment
      • files can be attached in Chatter Feed, Groups, User profiles, and records
      • a maximum of 10 files can be upload at once


      • files are uploaded to the Chatter post


      • files that is attached to a post in the Chatter Feed is automatically shared with all users of the company
    • Upload files on records
      • add files
      • upload files by clicking the button or drop the file onto the button area


  • Public Link Sharing
    • you can make the file accessible by internal or external users by creating public link

    • after link is created, you can copy the link and share with others

    • after you delete the link, the unauthenticated user will lost the access to public link

  • File Upload and Download Security
    • you can set the file upload and download behavior
    • navigate to Setup > File Upload and Download Security
    • Download behavior: Download, Execute in Browser, Hybrid
      • Download - recommended, file is always downloaded
      • Execute in Browser - file is displayed and executed automatically when accessed in a browser or through an HTTP request. Due to security risks, some files aren't available to execute in the browser.
      • Hybrid - attachment and document records are execute in the browser, Salesforce Files are downloaded.
    • Don't allow HTML uploads as attachments or document records - prevent users from uploading files as attachments to records or as document records when the file types pose a security risk. Salesforce Files are not affected by this setting, even if their file type may pose a security risk.

  • Miscellaneous
    • private file is not shared with anyone besides the owner. Only the file owner and users with Modify All Data permission can find and view the file. If no one other than the owner can access the file, the file should be uploaded to a private library.
    • Prevent others from sharing and unsharing can be set on the ContentVersion page layout:

      • Freeze Sharing Off
      • Freeze Sharing On
    • Prevent others from sharing and unsharing can also be set on file sharing layout:

    • File Privacy on Records can be set to make sure users other than the file owner cannot share or unshare the file

      • Visible to Anyone with Record Access
      • Private on Records
    • Unselect Select Files from Salesforce from Profile to prevent users from attaching Salesforce Files to post, records and objects
    • Set file access to Set by Record for files attached to records can be set in Setup > Salesforce Files > General Settings so that the files that are attached to records can inherit the sharing settings of the record
      • users with Read/Write access to a record will get Collaborator access to files attached to the record
      • users with Read Only access will get Viewer access to the files
      • if the checkbox is not set, all files attached to records are default to Viewer access

    • Asset Files
      • Asset Files are packageable versions of Salesforce files that are used for branding and design purposes in your org or communities
      • Asset files can be used for headers and logo images
      • You don’t need to create asset files for regular, collaborative use of Salesforce Files
    • Regenerate Previews
      • if content or a file doesn’t have a preview or the preview quality is poor, try to regenerate the preview

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